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Kicking off her set with new, and at this point unheard, album tacks ‘Good Intentions’ and ‘Eastbound Train’, Marika Hackman’s sounding noisier than you might expect. Once proclaimed as a folk heroine, it seems she’s dusted off a distortion pedal and run with it to the finish line – absolutely winning I’ve got to say.

After saying hi to the audience and making a new firm friend in fan Barry, Hackman introduces ‘My Lover Cindy’ which proves to be a standout from the showcase of tracks from ‘I’m not Your Man’ throughout the night. It’s a nice song to link to older releases ‘Cinnamon’ and ‘Deep Green’ which both take on a noticeably heavier guitar sound but keep their quiet charm somehow.

Before tonight I had been struggling to connect the dots between ‘We Slept At Last’ and most of the new tracks that had been released from ‘I’m Not Your Man’, but it all sounds fluid listening to them one after another. ‘Open Wide’ from Hackman’s debut album ‘We Slept At Last’ is given a live twist and sits perfectly side by side with another new track, ‘Time’s Been Reckless’. It’s the same intricate writing and intelligent production that makes Marika Hackman stand out, head and shoulders above other songwriters, just progressed and heading in a new direction sonically. Realising that makes it obvious that Hackman has a lot of music in her, more sounds to explore and much more for people to hear.

Just before launching into the lead single ‘Boyfriend’ from her new album, Marika warns the audience that she’ll be killing the vibe directly after, “so if there’s a time to party and dance a bit, it’s now” and the audience duly obeys.

‘Cigarette’ is the first track of the encore, for which Hackman never leaves the stage “I don’t believe in it”, she tells us. It’s a track that shows a softer and more vulnerable sound on ‘I’m Not Your Man’ and gives a nod to previous releases.

‘Blahblahblah’ returns the evening to its happier and upbeat feeling, leaving you immediately wanting to listen to ‘I’m Not Your Man’ in full on repeat for days.

It was a gig that shows Marika Hackman is a comfortable performer, and fun to watch, as well as showcasing enormous talent that has a lot to offer to a long time. If you weren’t already on the Hackman Hype Train, I’d get on now because when it sets off it’s not going to slow down.

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