Morrissey-baiting Glasweigan indie punk trio PAWS’ second LP Youth Culture Forever opens with something of a curveball. Erreur Humaine starts out deceptively bluesy until stabs of grunge guitar kick the record into life. It combines alternating whispers of cello and huge guitar blasts with a charming tendency to try and fit too many syllables into each reverb-soaked lyric.

Second track ‘Tongues” tumbling drums set the pace for the rest of the record with New Fellas era-Cribs shoutalong pop punk. The subtle harmonies of the bridges in Give Up suggest there’s more to the way the vocals are drenched in reverb than a lazy shorthand for how they’re really into Phil Spector, honest. Alone makes good on that promise, its Wall of Sound on a budget production more than making up for the lyrical clangers that pepper the first half of the album (“Believe I don’t hate you/Sorry I said I hate you/You said it too/What did you expect me to do” for starters).

An Honest Romance’s satisfyingly wonky riffing is over too soon with a little delayed guitar riff that leaves you wishing for another blast of that impossibly catchy chorus. After a couple more blasts of Buzzcocks punk, ‘Great Bear’ is a lovely little instrumental riff-fest that provides a welcome change of pace.

Penultimate track YCF’s Daniel Johnston style shoebox production leads nicely into final track War Cry, a song surely destined to close every gig they will ever play. The rest of the record is completely blown out of the water with a primal scream and deafening grunge collapsing into feedback. The final Cloud Nothings-esque passage is an absolute delight, the earlier lyrical fumbling a distant memory. A staggering closer to a cracking record.

7 out of 11

Release Date 02/06/2014 (Fatcat Records)

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Andy Vine

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