Here is our roundup of this week’s new releases.

Poppycock       Magic Mothers              

Founding member of both The Fall and Blue Orchids. The album has the emotional fierceness set against pop arrangements from acts like Look Blue Go Purple and Dead Famous People, or the spare pop jazziness found in songs by Marine Girls, Tracey Thorn’s pre-fame combo.

Richard Hawley             In This City They Call You Love             

12 tracks of vintage Hawley, including plenty of ballads that find him in splendid voice.

Niamh Regan  Come As For Are          

Irish alt-folk artist with an album whose themes are the issues that many of us find loom large in the small hours: questions of self-doubt, uncertainty about your life’s direction, whether relationships are flourishing in the way you’d hoped and determining priorities.

Ora Cogan        Formless          

Her smoky, psychedelic approach to gothic country and hazy folk merges with post-punk, groove, psych rock, and traditional balladry.

Martha Rose    Close to Close               

An album that uses sampled voices, water, flutes, and breathy synth sounds alongside drum machines and a collection of vintage Yamaha keyboards.

Becky Hill          Believe Me Now?

Three-time Best Dance Act nominee at the Brits whose latest sees her digging even deeper into her life-long passion for underground dance music and club culture.

Idaho   Lapse 

IDAHO’s 10th studio album and first all-new collection in more than 13 years. US indie rock.

Wormwood      The Star             

The concluding part of Swedish metal band’s Trilogy of Death takes listeners on a journey through a dying universe.

Gaffa Tape Sandy         Hold My Hand, God Damn It  

Punk trio with a frustrated-yet-compassionate, cathartic celebration of friendship and reconciliation in difficult times.

Peter Bibby       Drama King     

Australian wordsmith celebrated as inherently working-class and wholeheartedly independent.

Imogen Clark  The Art of Getting Through     

Combining surging alt-pop foundations with the impossible-to-ignore drama and infectiousness of classic ‘80s pop with the empowerment and vulnerabilities of the strident female singer-songwriters who made such an inspiring impact in the ‘90s.

Willie Nelson  The Border       

Ten newly recorded studio performances including four new Nelson/Buddy Cannon compositions.

The Telescopes              Radio Sessions 2016-2019     

Three live sessions recorded in three countries over three years.

Ben Platt            Honeymind     

Singer-songwriter confronts difficult truths and wrestles with addiction, failures, regrets and love, bringing some of the artist’s darkest moments into light.

Upchuck            Sense Yourself (Segall Mix)    

Atlanta punk band’s debut album remixed by Ty Segall.

Eat Your Own Head      The Trawler EP               

One of the bands spearheading a new wave of heavy music, redefining the UK rock scene. Known for their unpredictable twists and turns, the band veer from floor stomping riffs to tender moments of dark tranquillity.

The Hope Conspiracy                 Tools of Oppression/Rule by Deception        

The album is true sonic violence aimed at political division, economic manipulation, war profiteering, media propaganda and other vile forms of global oppression.

Ezra Feinberg  Soft Power       

New York guitarist and composer is joined by Mary Lattimore, David Moore (Bing & Ruth) and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on a record defined by its abundance of melodies, repeating figures and ecstatic improvisations,

Scott Guild       Plastic: The Album      

Immersive world which tells the story of the novel through a cycle of dynamic baroque-pop songs.

The Pull of Autumn      I Was Just Dreaming  

US art-pop band with an album described as “a melancholy remembrance of moments in time and life”.

Various               No Songs Tomorrow: Dark Wave, Ethereal Rock & Coldwave 1981 – 1990   

4CD set including The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Alien Sex Fiend and the Cranes.

ellescriv             Wandering the Pine    

Artist whose sound is reflective of artists like Bonnie Payne and Feist – and her influences include Gillian Welch, William Prince, and Frazey Ford.

Hellbutcher     Hellbutcher    

From the Swedish black metal underground and channelling the spirit of Venom, Bathory, Iron Maiden, Exciter, Motörhead, Mercyful Fate, and the aggressive spirit of true heavy metal.

Harleymoon Kemp      Lone Ranger EP            

Inspired by the likes of LeAnn Rimes, John Mayer, Maren Morris and Alanis Morrisette, Harleymoon’s songs are often similarly narrative: stories which focus on everyday incidents and emotions, but moments which also shape who we became and how we feel about things.

Terry Jones       Bebop Summer EP      

A rapper who draws inspiration from Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods to infuse his music with real emotion and honesty. Themes of struggle, resiliency, and victory are touched upon in his songs.

Kurupi No Esperes     

Artist known for his diverse and eclectic live shows that find the middle-point between rap, hip-hop, and punk; taking inspiration from the likes of Paris Texas, JPEGMAFIA, Death Grips and System of a Down,

Gnod   Spot Land        

The five songs are tender and detailed, unfolding slowly with wistful guitar textures, brushed drums and interjections of lap steel, piano and kalimba.

Thou     Umbilical          

Taking inspiration from a diverse array of influences spanning from ’90s proto-grunge icons like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden to the raw intensity of obscure ’90s DIY hardcore punk found on labels like Ebullition, Vermiform, and Crimethinc.

HHY and the Macumbas          Bom Sangue Mau         

Venturing into unique soundtracks and boundary-pushing dub experiments, they immersed the stage in a deep red glow, using crumpled rhythms, eerie synthesisers, wild-eyed horn sounds and serious bass pressure to build a place of dread and ascension.

Half Waif            Ephemeral Being EP   

A 5 track EP that looks at the transience of life while celebrating the continuation of nature and its cycles.

Mike Cooper & Jason Kolar    Mauve/Pink    

Cooper’s post-everything sensibilities and Kolàr’s miniamlist electronics intertwine on a pastel-hued tribal-ambient-adjacent tape of imagined islands and ethereal sounds

Olatuja               Olatuja              

An album blending Afrobeats, jazzy soul and gospel.

Nestor                 Teenage Rebel               

A band that takes you straight back to the golden age of rock music, wearing influences ranging from Bon Jovi and Aerosmith to Journey and Foreigner

Our Noise         Our Noise        

Band who blend influences from heavy rock, punk, hardcore, old-funk grooves, post-grunge, and indie-rock progressions

Only The Poets               One More Night            

EP that sees the band consolidating their synth-pop sound and illuminating the heartfelt emotion in their lyrics.

Hollow Ship     Animated Music           

Instrumental album from Swedish psych rock band.