The Silver Lake Chorus

The Silver Lake Chorus

The Silver Lake Chorus do not just have any Glee factor, they are THE Glee factor. Their debut provides an original, fresh, choral perspective of songs provided and written for them by a number of well-known songwriters, including Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie, and Postal Service, Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips, Sia, Tegan and Sara, and Aimee Mann, among other songwriters, they create an otherworldly almost religious take on could-be pop classics.

Forming back in 2010, the twenty plus person stronghold originating from Los Angeles, is just that; a strong reverent choir that provide a unique exploration of the capabilities of a talented and immersive choir. They’ve described their choral experience as ‘celebrating human connection and community as much as…free thinking and the creative arts’.

From the soaring vocals of the opener ‘From The Snow Tipped Hills’ to the head bopping ‘Hold Up For’ and further the electronic elements of ‘Break It Down’; the first three opening songs show the unsuppressed talents of what a choir can achieve. Even with at times, little or no instrumental accompaniment, and just the voices of TSLC taking over, it’s expressive and expansive, it’s often difficult to discern the voice from the instrument, and that really is something to behold.

The illusory of ‘Heavy Star Movin’ feels fantastical, and most truly like watching the night sky and its stars, the birth and re-birth of an entity. This feels most apparent towards its decisive ending, that what will be, will always be.

‘Nervous Soul’ is a personal favourite, it has the nostalgic feel of a folk inspired pop song, that is also heart-warming, proving that the lyrics can match the intonation and feel of the song so completely. The track displays both that what can be felt and how to live life, do not always go hand in hand, but can both contrast and complement each other to what it really feels to be human. In many ways this can be seen as the aim of TSLC; to display life in all its colourful richness, vocally and soulfully.

‘Home Come Home’ winds down the TSLC tracklist, with ‘Wreckage’ feeling like a salvation and a celebration of what can be created even when the archetypal and the predictable are offered. And with that, ‘Easy To Die’ leaves us with only one thought, of the inevitability of all things; the end.

This is an album of possibilities. An album of fragility and strength. Given the prospect of recognisability from well-established songwriters, their lyrics given life to by the voices of TSLC, they have been left to prosper. And long may they flourish.

Release Date 27/05/2016 (Six Degrees Records)

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