Today White Wine share new track ‘Hurry Home’, giving us a first taste of their forthcoming album, which is to be announced over the coming weeks.

White Wine spiral into the malevolent, intoxicating, and disorientating world of dark beauty, Joe Haege touched upon with previous projects (Tu Fawning, 31 Knots, Menomena & The Dodos). This new line-up finds Haege delivering the most realised, intense and, at times, horrifying music of his career. Menacing sermons backed by effects-heavy bassoon and aggressive, off-kilter percussion, creating an uneasy cinematic mood – one that draws upon dystopic visions to ’60’s style Film Noir.

The first taste of forthcoming album comes in the form of the desperately tense ‘Hurry Home’, which opens notably with the line “Feeding on the flesh of the young and indifferent”.

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