Dead Slow Hoot

Sheffield/London based band Dead Slow Hoot tease another release from their forthcoming EP with new single ‘Gesticulating Wildly’.

This latest installment from their EP ‘A Kinder Kind’ sees the band head down a more mellow road as they get honest about putting on a permanent positive face to the world. The track presents a different side to Dead Slow Hoot, drawing influence from neo-psychedelia and experimenting with texture and counter harmony.

Vocalist Hugo Lynch explains:

“This is about the need to put on a positive public face all the time, acting as if you’re doing well when really it’s a defensive tactic to prevent anyone from asking questions about what’s really going on. It’s sometimes impossible to deconstruct when you so badly want your external image to be real, and this was written in an attempt to be honest with myself in the hope that I could learn to be more emotionally forthcoming.”

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