San Holo Credit – Haley Lan

San Holo aka Sander shares his double single, ‘Black and White’ and ‘My Fault’ – the final singles to be released from his indie alternative new album “bb u ok?” out 21st May.

Commenting on what both tracks mean to him Sander said:

“‘My Fault’ is probably the most personal song I’ve ever written. It’s a song about a chapter in my life, a relationship with the highest highs and lowest lows. Being on the road a lot and with music as my number one focus, I’ve always felt sceptical about being in a relationship and scared of not being able to give myself fully to somebody. I can’t commit and don’t fall in love easily, until one time I did.

“That relationship was a time of the most intense emotions and memories that shaped a lot of who I am today. It was very real, unlike a lot of things in this world, and it was intense in the best and worst ways. I guess that’s sometimes what happens when you allow yourself to love deeply.

“For a long time after it ended, I felt guilty about not being able to make it work but as time passed, and perspectives changed, I started to see that things weren’t so black and white. In my head I had been subconsciously blaming myself for a long time…but was it really all my fault?

“Writing these songs really helped me move on. The first few days I was in LA to write this album, I was really struggling to come up with anything that felt right to me musically. ‘My Fault ended up being the first song I wrote for bb u ok? that I felt passionate about, and in a lot of ways it’s the song that really kicked off the album.”

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