Today, PINS unveil a brand new double video for the new versions of ‘Shoot You’ and ‘Eleventh Hour’. Notably, the video opens with acclaimed actress Maxine Peake reading an original poem written by PINS vocalist Faith Holgate. Peake’s distinctive northern voice perfectly complements Sing J Lee’s (PINS’ long-time collaborator, who has also made films for Chvrches) visuals, which Noisey compared to Anton Corbijn’s Control.

“it was a poem I wrote when I was a teenager. The songs on the Record Store Day vinyl were re-recordings of our first release. So the video, for me, was a retrospective look at having a dream shared by a bunch of friends, bringing that dream out of their imaginations and watching it become a reality” said Faith.

Re-recorded, re-mastered and carved into heart-shaped vinyl, PINS released two of their hardest hitting tracks for a super limited run in celebration of Record Store Day last month (also to celebrate Record Store Day, Maxine Peake joined Silent Radio on their weekly radio show with some of her own record collection. It can be heard again here).

Fiery Manchester four-piece PINS released their debut album Girls Like Us to a rousing reception last year, and have since toured the UK and the US playing with acts like Warpaint and Money, and taking in festivals such as SXSW. The track ‘Shoot You’ made up one half of their first double A-single, which was released on gold cassette tape (via their own Haus of Pins label, no less) and barely touched the record shelves selling out within 24 hours. The RSD release is a chance to own a limited edition of it again, this time on vinyl, likely to sell out just as rapidly as those gold tapes.

Akin to cult 60s novel/70s film The Warriors, PINS are true fighters; a taut rebel unit living out their own manifesto and defending their turf as purveyors of brooding guitar pop.

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