Canadian five-piece Ponytails say of the new song… ‘Just Yours’ is about the ways in which we find each other. It’s about accepting your love for someone, and gratitude for experiencing such a feeling. It’s about trusting the heart and leaning into the moment without expectation for the future. We can find joy in the mystery – even when it’s confusing or difficult.

We wanted to create a video that poked fun at the hilarity and absurdity of human nature; taking TGIF imagery and juxtaposing it with scenarios inspired by real life events. Unbelievable occurrences that feel more at home in the plot of a sitcom than they do on a BREAKING NEWS channel.

On this new song, we wanted to bring back the excitement and energy of ‘60s pop music. Although the themes of those times may feel a bit cheesy nowadays, I always felt they have so much passion and emotion in them. I’d say we were going for something that was whimsical, somewhat mysterious and just pure fun like going to a great party. It’s a celebration!

It really doesn’t matter who or what you love – just that you’re experiencing it. When we experience love, we are at home. It’s important to remember that this feeling doesn’t only apply to romance. It can be for a friend, a pet, or that moment when you bite into your favourite slice of pizza. Love is here, and we are it.

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