Eli Smart – Credit Sami Livé

Eli Smart has shared ‘Highschool Steady’.

Of the song Smart says:

“‘Highschool Steady’ was the first song I wrote when I can back home to Kauai from Liverpool after the initial lockdown in March. It doesn’t have really anything to do with Highschool but more about the culture shock I felt when coming back to my hometown after three years of university in another country. It was very strange to come home under such wild circumstances and to put my “little independent adventurous Eli out in the real world” life on pause and to get back home to my childhood bedroom and feel like I was 15 again doing work around the farm and asking my parents if I could borrow the car! It got me feeling particularly blue realizing that I was beginning to feel as if I’d proper outgrown my hometown. It was a very bittersweet acceptance to realize that while home is and always will be the most comforting place on earth to me, I know I’m drawn elsewhere. As music always does for me, this song helped ground myself back home and appreciate everything special about it knowing that I would miss it like crazy the second I had to take off again.”

 Eli Smart