Factory Floor

Factory Floor


I’ve been waiting to see Factory Floor for a while now having missed their last Manchester gig due to being stuck on a train for 7 hours after a wedding in December. So when I found out they were putting on a night at the brilliant Islington Mill, I made sure I was I free. Even when Now Wave released the set times on Twitter and revealed they wouldn’t be on until 1am, it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm (I’m getting on a bit, but not so old that I can’t keep my eyes open til 2am). I left my mates in the Northern Quarter at 12.30am, jumped in a taxi and raced through the largely deserted streets of Salford to the warehouse/arts space full of anticipation.

The trio come on stage at 1.15am and fly through a mesmerising, hypnotic hour long set of pummelling, repetitive electronica that grabs hold of my feet and forces them to move for the entire duration. Opening with the incredible ‘Two Different Ways’, drums are hammered, synths are twisted into sounds I didn’t know existed, an Nik Void’s (massive crush alert!) cool, cold vocals are processed through machines that look simultaneously like they are from the distant past and the near future. The noise they make is impressive between the three of them, sending shudders of bass through my entire body as the relentless beats march on, careering through my ears and making my brain fizz with delight. The simple projected visuals are as mesmerising as the music, taking the logo from the bands self titled debut album and manipulating it a myriad of ways…kind of like the way they take seemingly simple sounds and make them into something else completely, a wall of constant minutely evolving noise.

The only complaint I have is that it finished too soon (although my ears might be more grateful than I am – the sound is crisp and very loud), the band drawing proceedings to a close after an extended and wonderful rendition of album highlight ‘Fall Back’. Starting with a jumping synth line, the beat soon joins in, all skittering hi-hats and four to the floor kick drums, with Void asking us in a detached fashion if we ever ‘feel like we’re going to fall back, fall to the ground?’…the only thing that could push me over here would be the sheer force of the sounds coming from the stage. As much for the head as for the feet, Factory Floor create something special tonight, a demonstration that electronic music can be an art form and just something to lose yourself to at the same time. Just play for longer next time yeah? (and maybe a bit earlier?!).

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