Prior to the release of Beth’s new album Kidsticks, which is released via ANTI- on May 27th, you can stream the video for 1973 below.  It was created by acclaimed photographer/director Tierney Gearon, and the song features Twin Shadow on guitar.

Beth had this to say about the new video:

“As soon as I saw Tierney’s work I knew she would be perfect for ‘Kidsticks’. I love her use of colour and her layering of images. During the writing of the record I  experienced different realities running consecutively. The idea of identity lost and found runs throughout the record. 1973 plays with this idea of memory and reality. There’s a surreal nature to Tierney’s work that I love, as well as her use of the Californian landscape and light. When Tierney and I met we decided to do the album artwork and also shoot footage too. Not in the way of a pop video but more as she might an art piece. The video has been edited together by Deborah Johnson of CandyStations, who works a lot with live projections. We plan to build on all the footage Tierney shot over the course of many meetings and make it a part of the live show. I want there to be a thread that runs through the record visually as it does musically.”

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