When a band or an artist sounds like their influence in a striking way, it always leads to “Why don’t you cover that”. The problem with this, is it’s always interesting to hear the performers influences that began them on their musical career.
Danzig is no exception. From fans of The Misfits to Samhain (post Misfits band, that was really good) to his metal arc his own name being his main driving force of the last 30 plus years, it was only time when this would happen. Danzig Sings Elvis’.
But, the ‘problem’ is what I have heard before when a performer has the resources to be able to do such a project. This case, a passion project. You can’t dismiss the passion of someone, even myself would gladly jump up n down screaming Black Flag songs if I was asked (shockingly, I never have been), but because I am passionate, having fun and meaning so much to myself, does not mean, it would be good, enjoyable and worth the time of others.

So, with that huge weight baring over of a heavy metal/rock legend releasing a “don’t give a shit what anyone thinks” record and having an interesting history of his own, it starts off with ‘Is It So Strange’.
Off the bat, you’d almost be forgiving. The first tell-tale signs are there, but it’s fine. If you heard just this song, you’d not give it much thought. As a fan of Danzig, you’d see it as a novel release and be on with your day.
But then, you have everything else that follows. Strap in. The tell-tale signs are now giant fires, with animals fleeing and seeing no hope, for there is only the fire. The mix is FUCKING awful. I barely know enough about mixing, and I can’t help but flinch, dip, dodge and hide as if I was being attacked. It’s so out of the normal, and it’s not cool. It’s all focused on the vocals (I’ll get there) and the music hidden deeply behind. The music is easy to sum up. Sounds like it as recorded in one effort, no levels, no mix, done. The vocals are full of effects, and loud to try hide the obvious fact that has been hanging round Glenn Danzig’s neck for near two decades.
Your voice has gone mate. Imagine how over produced Ozzy Osbourne sounds. But you’re used to that. Ozzy made his fame from his actions, not his voice, which he never claimed to be much of a singer. He was just a natural rocker. Danzig used to be a goliath. The first four Danzig solo albums are fantastic.

The clear heart break of an album. It should’ve remained a ‘what-if, never to be tested, because it frankly should’ve been recorded thirty years ago. When Danzig would have had the power to caress these songs that are held in high regard, since it’s Elvis (yeah, barely mentioned him, but there’s a reason)
The rest of the album is a horrible faint whimper of a former powerhouse vocalist. To understand this, if you have access, listen to ‘Fever’. Because Danzig somehow makes that sound boring, dead, dull, flat with no urgency. And you have heard, no, you know that song!
It’s just a shit show, and it sucks to say that. Because it has no value to say a something with passion is utter rubbish. But sadly, once you’ve offered it as something people could enjoy, you cant hide behind who you are (where) and because it’s a covers album or he’s a massive fan, Elvis is the major influence to Glenn Danzig, and how he’s performers for over forty years.
Same time, the mix is shocking. Worse than if you used a Dictaphone at a concert. Plus, if effects and turning your vocal volume up still makes you sound, rough, tired, weak and out of tune. Stop. Hard to say, but it was harder to listen too. The fact it’s Elvis songs, doesn’t need mentioning.

Danzig: Danzig Sings Elvis – Out Now (Cleopatra Records)