Black Doldrums


There is a nice little three band line up on at Manchester’s Night People for a Monday night, courtesy of Manchester Rocks. Boltonians The Papashangos open with an enthusiastic performance with props including customised money and ponchos that goes on just a little too long, but the limited audience seem to enjoy the props and general madness that ensues.

Next up are The Dee Vees, a newly formed Manchester four-piece who channel dark blues with plenty of spunk and substance. They produce a short set, a testament to their newness, where every song is empowered and interesting, full of serenading vocal melodies and edgy blues riffs with added fuzz for good measure. They ooze potential and are one to watch.

Black Doldrums are classed as a heavy psychedelic duo from London, consisting of Kev Gibbard on guitar and vocals and Sophia Lacroix on drums and backing vocals. They are renowned for delivering multiple layers of echo-drenched guitar and heavy relentless drums, creating their transient and euphoric dark-psych, shoegaze and continuing to astonish audiences with sounds far greater than one may assume. The two piece have been garnering a reputation for their live performances and with a new LP imminent there has been some hype around this extended UK tour.

Tonight’s performance is worth the wait, with highlights in ‘Dreamcatcher’ from 2016 EP Exit City Lights and the new single taken from their forthcoming LP to be released later this year, Those With A Rope Around Their Neck (Don’t Always Hang). The empowered motoric drumming and haunting guitar riffs make it sound as if there are a lot more than two people on stage, a fact which you can really appreciate live. Concluding with ‘It’s A Dandy Massacre’ the fans who took the time out to come tonight whoop and cheer appreciatively. The only downside to tonight is the fact that their wasn’t enough people here to enjoy the music.

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