Piers Faccini

British-Italian artist Piers Faccini has released a new animated video directed by La Blogotheque/Fantômes’s Hugo & Rodolphe Jouxtel.

The track, ‘All Aboard’ features Ben Harper and Abdelkebir Merchane and is the latest to emerge from Faccini’s new album ‘Shapes of the Fall’, Faccini’s seventh album in a career spanning over twenty years.

Speaking about ‘All Aboard’, Faccini says:

“I imagined a modern day ark, with animals and plants, carrying precious seed and cargo to survive and start a new life. But I also wrote the song as a kind of parody, to highlight the absurdity of humanity’s inaction in the face of impending catastrophe. We’d rather let our home and planet and our very own paradise burn in front of us instead of just getting on board a green new narrative and all aboard a way to avoid that apocalyptic scenario. There’s a 70’s French science fiction cartoon feel to their animation that brings me back to my childhood with references to artists like Moebius, Enki Bilal or Philippe Druillet. The beautiful and evocative landscapes were drawn by Audrey Jouve.”

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