Having supported the likes of Elbow in the past, C Duncan returns – this time with his debut album ‘Health’. One of the reasons why this little gem of the music industry has not yet been fully discovered, is perhaps because Elbow’s demographic is maybe people who are above the teenage/twenties group. C Duncan is probably best described as an electronic artist and creates tunes that sound like they may have been generated via a computer.

His album, called ‘Health’, was released on 29th March 2019. Evidence (albeit from Wikipedia) that he has previously been a composer makes the album make more sense. The album sounds slightly choral/orchestral and this explains why. From the first track to the last track, C Duncan’s electronic influence is strong and he presents himself as a primarily electronic artist.

‘Talk Talk Talk’ is a catchy little opening tune. Other notable mentions include ‘He Came from the Sun’, ‘Reverie’, ‘Stuck Here with You’ and ‘Care’. ‘He Came from the Sun’ has a softer and slower tempo in comparison to the rest of the album – this could possibly be a time to reflect. ‘Wrong Side of the Door’ uses electronic tones heavily. The track uses pauses and electronic sounds, similar to some of his other songs that he performed in 2017. The last three previously mentioned all have an edge. ‘Reverie’ sounds a bit dark and is almost melancholic. ‘Stuck Here with You’ begins as the least electronic song on the album, which is not necessarily a good or a bad thing as all of the songs on the album have their own individual quirks. Finally, it is always a good idea to name the last track on an album called ‘Health’ ‘Care’. C Duncan reminds me of an electronic version of To Kill a King. Mainstream success is not really achieved but it may be a good album that is hidden in the sidelines.

C Duncan appears to be an established performer within circles of composition. Whether he will do so in the indie charts is still to be decided perhaps. This album seems like a start. A successful venture into making albums.

C Duncan – Health: Out Now (Fatcat Records)

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Sophie Nebesniak

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