Lady Dan

Dothan, Alabama-born now Austin, Texas-based artist, Lady Dan – the project of Tyler Dozier – has shared the latest single, ‘Misandrist to Most’. The music is the latest to be lifted from Dozier’s forthcoming debut album, ‘I Am the Prophet’ via Earth Libraries.

Dozier describes the new single:

“This song was written on the principle of no longer waiting around for help; to put simply, help yourself. I think in a patriarchal society women are taught that they need men’s help for certain things and I wanted to send a very clear message that that just isn’t true. You can be your own everything. So for this video, we decided to portray that in a very fun and light-hearted way. We left a lot of bloopers and goofy takes just for our own good laughter. I hope this track and video inspires women to look at solving problems as empowering and fun.”

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