In the year of 2020, seeing a release by a band called Drain is just oh-so relatable. With the future of new releases facing its own dilemmas, it’s time to plough through every new release, in hope one is going to stick with me.
After my first listen through I discovered that my face ached! Curious to what this sensation was, I checked the mirror to discover, I had clearly been smiling. ‘California Cursed’ is unapologetic, aptly blended ‘crossover’ (seriously, it’s amazing how many bad crossover thrash/punk bands there are), front to fucking-back fantastic. This is how I felt when I first heard the likes of the Bronx, Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats and Municipal Waste. The sense that this band will go on and destroy, and I want to be destroyed by Drain.
Drain have got down the rightful blend of thrash metal and hardcore punk. It’s like the second coming of The Cro-Mags. With that age-old theory that there is nothing original anymore. All the notes have been played. Well, to that boring, boring, yes you’ve heard the sound of your own voice now, “I don’t give a shit, when I get a release like ‘California Cursed’.
‘Character Fraud’, ‘White Coat Syndrome’ and ‘The Process of Weeding Out’ (you always score points with any Black Flag reference, mmm) are not just witty titles, but anthems designed to get the blood flowing and the floor moving. ‘California Cursed’ is easily one my favourites of 2020 so far, can see it keeping in my top ten, it’ll be on spin for the rest the year, that is for sure.

Drain: California Cursed – Out Now (Revelation Records)