I started my musical journey I want to say eight years ago with listening to psych music from the absolute rock gods Smashing Pumpkins. I argue I haven’t dropped the sound or wave, if you will, that entices you into a journey of experiencing music. A kind that widens the horizon of peculiar music genres. I love that The Shits are making the comical (picked-up from the band name) or somewhat eye capturing music to revive a fading genre.

A name honestly not fitting to how it goes, I give you The Shits. Do be beware of nonsense in the psych rock community. Psychedelic music is used to create the state of ‘trance’ or ‘rapture’ with intense and high notes of music to alter the state of human consciousness. At the beginning, many rock artists started composing records of psychedelic nature and soon psychedelic rock became a popular genre in the 1960s. John Lennon, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones were the most famous musicians and bands that introduced psychedelia into the rock music.

Then here’s The Shits with new album ‘You’re A Mess’. ‘You’re A Mess’ has eight tracks listed concluding with track ‘I Regret Nothing’ having two parts, a possible link to the just honoured Pink Floyd. I’ll get to that. The album starts with track ‘In My Hotel Room’ which until the drumming cues in it is practically car advert music. Not sure whether the feeling’s mutual, but in my mind I can hear the Johnny Depp car commercial from who knows when with his rocker guitar strums. Solid tune though. It has a nice flow to it. It’s the first track and it settles into your mind with vocals like Sid Vicious’ grotesque voice. THEN THE GUITAR HITS. As of the time of writing it’s the most popular song on Spotify, just to let you know. HOW COULD I FORGET???? I LOVE THE SOLO IN THIS SONG!!!! It’s preciously chosen with whiney plucks of upbeat psychedelic explosions of noise.

Next track ‘Waiting’ is a punky riff smoothie of surprise and a ballad which as of release is what I predict to be a recognisable song. I would love to witness the live setting to begin hallucinating this song before my eyes. The album titled track ‘You’re A Mess’ has new wave guitar behind the lyrics that sound sickening in a really positive way. Well, I say positive what I mean is it’s so fitting for a mosh pit scene filled with leather. People headbanging to the anger and hatred package of lyrics like “you’re a fucking mess” is a lyric fighting what I assume to be the bourgeoisie. Your kids will love this. The intense pressure of an action thrilled twist on psych rock is what I must take from The Shits. ‘You’re A Mess’ is a must buy on vinyl and a must listen to for psych rock lovers. A new adventure worth taking.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am physically obsessed with ‘The Division Bell’ by Pink Floyd. It is the peak of psychedelic music. The same statement obviously applies to most famous ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ but really everyone knows that. I’m finding it hard to pass the time ignoring the constant reminder of Pink Floyd when listening to ‘You’re A Mess’. The whole stretched out guitar solo kind of deal. It’s present. You know it’s there really. Take the last track ‘I Regret Nothing’ which reflects psych energy. The visions of music create a contest of sounds, forming the eight minute and fifty three seconds of what you want playing down your ear. The action continues and no doubt about it, The Shits are very ahead of the future.

The Shits – You’re A Mess: Out 14th April 2023 (Rocket Recordings)