Stuck – Change Is Bad

Oh, hello Post-Hardcore. What’s that?? Another new band coming under this so-called moniker. What the bloody hell is ‘post punk’ actually?? Doesn’t it seem distracting to have a ‘post punk’ and ‘punk’ genre existing at same time? Honestly, the more I delve and listen too, I can’t help but wonder what fickle, desperate, hollow trap setter began having more music genres than people!

Right, now I have stopped sounding four hundred years old. Welcome Stuck and their debut LP, ‘Change Is Bad’. Thankfully, this isn’t another gloomy, doomy “I get it mate” post punk debut. The lyrics lean towards the obvious feel of isolation, where am I? am I bag of crisps? If so, please not cheese n’ onion. Despite a fair obvious lyrical approach, the vocal delivery is quite placed within the overall musical offering. Musically its charming, for post punk mood!!!

Seriously, it’s got a quaint vibe that really works well for it. A debut is usually a trap, but this is a slick beginning. With a clear nod to The Pixies for influence, With just an indie alternative vibe. Just try remove it from any ‘punk’ titling. This is a swift sharp suit that looks good and didn’t have to cost a lot or need a label to dazzle.

There does sound like a lot of fun was had making ‘Change Is Bad’. It’s effortless to enjoy it from front to back. ‘Invisible Wall’, ‘Wrong Question’ and album closer ‘Bells’ give you a delight in under 30 minutes. I do mention album running times a lot, but I believe that is a valuable part of the listening process when going in for your first listen. You know how long it is, so then you can gauge what you can expect.

What you can expect, is to be held in place by what ‘Change Is Bad’ manages in its time. A delightful debut that will stick with you.

Stuck: Change Is Bad – Out Now (Born Yesterday Records)