As I watch a strand from a wrapper that contains custard creams, twitch gleefully from my heartbeat as I lean on the desk, I realise that it’s either day 19 or I’m officially mad.
Speaking of something that has 19 in it, album releases are becoming seriously affected by a current event. The release of ‘Endless Wound’ by Black Curse is very much one of those. Physical copies of the release have been shelved for a later date, but thankfully unleashed via digital outputs.
The album has taken near five years to write and record. It’s mostly a side project featuring Zach Coleman of criminally WHY-HAVENT-YOU-HEARD-OF-THEM! Fame and Jon Campos, guitar gruel of Primitive Man.
By the second track, ‘Crowned in (Floral) Vice’, I knew this was for me. To avoid my dislike for ‘genre’ labelling, this is extreme metal. It’ll appease most that comes under that bracket. To put where this sits and more importantly, is it worth trying, the answers would be when you want something new and get it on now. For many years side projects or albums that are a one off with no real touring aspect to them, have always had a sticking point. Personally, I like to be able to witness the group if I become engrossed by a release. But times have proven that albums like these never see a tour. But times are different. Though it irks me with a sense of resentment to these words, side projects are in best time to thrive due to streaming. Because previously you invested money into an album, that if you think similarly to me, may never have a full pay off for the experience.
Anyway, isolated ramble. Black Curse is for you! the death metal, black metal, thrash metal, whatever metal fans! This is a great release. From the album opener ‘Charnel Rift’ and the frankly head breaking for joy title track ‘Endless Wound’, Endless Wound’ is a metal album written by very talented metal musicians, playing fucking good metal. Another gripping release in 2020.

And the closing of the closer ‘Finality I Behold’ will destroy you….until tomorrow.

Black Curse: Endless Wound – Out Now