John Moods

Berlin-based John Moods has shared new single ‘Without You’, an uncannily cheerful paean to loneliness and confusion recorded with Tops guitarist, David Carriere.

On the new single, Moods says:

‘Without You’ was inspired by Randy VanWarmer’s ‘Losing Out On Love’, a song I became obsessed with because of its overall euphoric feeling. I wrote this song just when David Carriere from the great Canadian band Tops happened to be in Berlin and I invited him to play on it. He instantly came up with the great addition of the guitar riff and we had a fun time performing it together once at a festival in Berlin. I love that it’s got a one-note chorus and I enjoy the fact that it’s a sad and strange song that sounds really happy.”

The accompanying, self-made video features a character trapped in a two-dimensional old television program. Even though it’s all he’s ever known the world still feels limited and he only succeeds by performing the tasks that are expected of him.

In this world, a lot is rich and intricate but also a little hollow and vapid,” explains John. “As if everyone’s dreaming but no one is actually there to look at reality. And sometimes only a fool on a cloud can sense the truth of not knowing.”

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