Soon – What The Fuck Did We Do To The Earth

Hawaii, the multiple island state of the US. Known for luaus, hula dancing and surfing. An apparent laid back, easy going place. So, when an album of breakneck pace releases, and it’s shorter than the time it takes me to pick “what band shirt am I today”, it’s something that can be considered an anomaly.

Soon, a band name that leans very well into their musical delivery, have unleashed a pretty decent hardcore album. The (did they know how accurate this would be?) title of ‘What the Fuck Did We Do to the Earth’ isn’t branching out from any formula that the frantic hardcore scene has had in its comfy possession for a very, very long time. Nothing new here, but many a times in life, you can’t just keep aiming at being different, or alternative to’, etc. When something works well, boys and girls know that it doesn’t need fixing. Soon very much know how to kick out the rapid attacks! They get business done in twelve minutes and I for one am grateful to have these twelves minutes. Twelves minutes that are more likely to be nearly the twenty-five mark, because y’all will play this again. ‘What the Fuck Did We Do to the Earth’ may not just be ‘well timed album title of 2020’, but it’s just a great modern hardcore release. They’ve kept it to the point musically, with lyrics touching on feminism, fascism and climate control (the song ‘Landfill’ features sound bites of Greta Thunberg’s monumental speech at the UN Climate Action Summit).

It’s very much a sleeper hardcore punk release. Because I fear it will be overlooked. I hope not though. For a music genre that is all talk, about being ‘true’ and ‘keeping it real’ but about as alternative as shopping at Topman, Soon have managed a ripper of a release, that you can fling some chairs round your living room.

Soon: What The Fuck Did We Do To The Earth – Out Now (Self Released)