Cabbage are a guitar band, and any band (not just a guitar band) would not usually be found in an art gallery. Manchester Art Gallery however, is the venue that was chosen for Cabbage’s Nihilistic Glamour Shots show. It is a very interesting yet mysterious venue. Upon entering, guests queue around the side of the building making it seem as though we are about to become part of a secret society or join in a sort of forbidden underground rave.

There is no support act. The event is entirely focused on Cabbage. Before their performance though, guests are allowed to wander around some of the artwork on display. They have various pieces scattered around the room, such as flags hung up on the wall and physical pieces that take place in two separate blue canopies that you could stand and watch. The stage is at the far end of the room, opposite the entrance and is placed in amongst the art exhibition.

The band appear on stage about an hour after doors open, giving people ample time to look at the exhibition. It is definitely more of an experience rather than a gig or concert. The doors had opened at 7.30 and the doors had been open for longer than the band were probably on stage for. That is neither a good or bad thing I should mention. Cabbage play a stripped back set of their new album, also called Nihilistic Glamour Shots. Their new album is very similar to songs that they have previously played live before. In Manchester they have played at Parklife and the Ritz to name but two, but the setting here amplifies their political subject matter. The new record can be described as a frustrated explosion of satire and cynicism, and in a room with politically charged artwork on every wall, the band seem particularly at home. Cabbage are a guitar band, like many other bands out there, but the venue and the event itself is a good way to separate and distinguish themselves from other bands on the scene. It is a rather interesting way to promote their album and made them stand out. Not many bands use an art gallery as a venue in order to promote their new record!

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Sophie Nebesniak

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