Puns! We all like them. They lighten the mood, an example of a positive introduction into someone’s personality. Music is no different. When presented with humour as a concept to their music, it adds a side into what you maybe in for. Meth Leppard (pun one), a jagged two-piece from Adelaide, Australia are here for a good time. Since 2015, they’ve toured the world and bringing their sense of amusement with them, in a form of metal that has been deemed a joke itself. Good ol’griiiiiiiindcore!
‘Woke’ their new LP (pun two) is disgusting. A loud cantankerous march of fifteen songs designed to be annoying and offend by two men who clearly have nothing better to do. Fantastic.
When you open an album, you want the listener to know where you’re coming from. It’s time to grab you and place you in position to begin the listening process. So, starting with ‘Dead Kardashians’, you will get the message that ‘Woke’ is hitting home hard, about the state of society and the economic issues of the 21st century (pun three).
Like most attempts at extreme metal, it can flounder. Grindcore is not an easy form to exercise. Meth Leppard are bloody good at it. It’s a ‘genre’ that I am quite fond of but have heard enough where I can tell if it’s lazy. Banking on speed and beats so often, it’s an overcrowded allotment. This has been a very enjoyable listen in times of outside doesn’t exist anymore….yay….
So when Meth Leppard are clattering away in some drastically needed riffing, head banging a plenty (even in fifteen minutes) and barking vocals that make me stand to attention and salute. I know their message in ‘Sixty Nine Feet Under’ has gotten me up and attentive (pun four)
Meth Leppard>Def Leppard.

Meth Leppard: Woke  – Out 20th April 2020 (Psychocontrol Records)