SYBS debut single ‘Paid Gofyn Pam’ became a singalong anthem for last summer’s carefree days and nights. It was crowned BBC Radio Cymru’s alternative track of the year on Rhys Mwyn’s festive alternative chart and even opened opportunities for them overseas. SYBS played SUNS Europe Festival in Italy on the back of the single’s success. The question that’s been on everyone’s lips is what’s NEXT and ’CWYR’ is the ecstatic answer. Over two intense days the band with producer Steffan Pringle (Adwaith, Estrons, KEYS) recorded half an albums worth of songs, mostly live. ’Cwyr’ with its Syd Barrett meets Sonic Youth lopsided pop charm is also a song personal to Osian (songwriter, vocalist) and is inspired by his own experiences with mental health. He explains in more depth:

“The song is broadly about procrastination and the role escapism/ignorance plays in society; how capitalism often portrays consumerism as an antidote to peoples problems rather than providing actual solutions to the issues it causes, and how it’s almost an innate human reaction to burry our heads in the sand when faced with large tasks and hurdles.

Although the lyrics where originally inspired by my own experiences with mental health I wanted to leave some up for interpretation. I really like adding elements of surrealism and psychedelia to obscure otherwise personal lyrics, I feel like it lets the listener interpret the song in their own way and relate it to their own experiences, although the song conveys a general feeling I like that people can add their own narrative to it and make it their own.”

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