O Zorn! Not a slip of the keyboard, but a suspicious band rolling out of California who took it upon themselves to be named from the Watership Down glossary of Lapine, the language of rabbits.

So, from my googling I stumbled across that O Zorn!’s debut ‘Self-Titled’ album in 2018, was one the best metal albums never to be heard. Such a comment reeks of pomposity, and only raises my guard of the possibility that it’s the ‘small band’ that only the 600 cool kids can know. So, album two ‘Your Killer’ is upon me. Apparently, this band is being touted by Kerrang! And Metal Hammer as someone to pay attention too. Confidence was waning by now, but like all music, it’s always best to delve in and get your own opinion.

Thank fuck I found a lot on ‘Your Killer’ to enjoy. The previous hype has been settled; I can see structure to why O Zorn! has received pre-emptive praise.

My only fault is it’s perhaps one song too many. ‘Cult Status’, though on few play throughs improved in my thoughts, still feels it could be removed from the track list, in my humble opinion. For that is my only gripe. Songs like ‘Casket’, ‘Loved’ and ‘Ribeyes’ are designed to deafen me and burst the wall between me and the neighbours. Actually, educated guess is my neighbours would just do a You Tube video of ‘MY HONEST REACTION TO: O Zorn! ‘Casket’ for the lols’.

Anyway, 2020 despite the obvious annoyance (loo roll worth more than the new twenty-pound note) has given me some fantastic albums, and it’s only April. I will be adding O Zorn! to bands I will hopefully see in the future. Some fantastic material, another doom sludge-esque band that is worth looking into. Doing it differently, offering up a splendid sense of dread and misery to put a smile on your face.

O Zorn! – Your Killer: Out Now (Hard Drugs Records)

O Zorn Facebook | Bandcamp