The Seven Brave Tractor Drivers


There are only four of them. Not seven, as was previously stated. Also, they don’t even drive tractors. Like, what is going on here? Anyway, The Seven Brave Tractor Drivers performed at The Met in Bury on 31st January 2020. In short, it was a really good gig, organised by Bury Cancer Care Centre, and goes to show that unsigned bands and independent venues produce good music. The audience looked like they were enjoying it. During the gig, they held a raffle and gave away prizes. The event was held in support of Bury Cancer Care Centre, which helps people (and their families) who have cancer in the surrounding area. For more information, follow this link.

The band did not play any original material and just stuck to covering various classic songs. Especially at a charity gig, it’s really cool to hear a favourite song or a song from way back when that you like. Plus, it’s also great when it’s a good cover.

Independent venues can often lead to interesting finds in terms of artists. With their catalogue of shows not on display on billboards and in big public places, often music makers who originally slip under the radar can be found. Independent venues can also be places of experimentation, as it doesn’t matter because major labels will probably never see it. Another subject that this concert supported was unsigned and ‘underground’ bands. In recent years, unsigned bands have gained popularity and it has become a regular part of the music industry. Unsigned bands can introduce audiences to a new type of music that they might not have otherwise heard. It gives them some individuality against other bands, because they do not belong to a particular label and this can make an artist or a gig more memorable in the long run.

In conclusion, The Seven Brave Tractor Drivers put on a really good show. The Met was a very well chosen venue for this event, as it was in the centre of Bury and easy to access via car or public transport.This gig raised money for charity and also involved people who were making music in their spare time.

Bury Cancer Support Centre

Sophie Nebesniak

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