Many country bumpkins who have now moved to the city will be familiar with the feeling of one’s first loan stroll about the city.  In a town everyone tends to know each others business but in a city you will rarely find people in the street who have the time for you or your story.  The city is a lonesome place but the anonymity can also be a pleasure for those from the towns who embrace it. In their new single “Somerhill”, The Miserable Rich have done a fantastic job of painting a picture of small town living in a picturesque seaside town with beach front cafes and smoky corner taverns where one can pop along for a “cigarette and pint of beer”.

The song starts with their familiar upbeat orchestral sound based around their impressive string section which perfectly compliments their lead singer’s unusual voice.  Lead singer James de Malplaquet is a brilliant vocalist with a voice that seems to brim over with feeling, forcing the listener to strain their ears to hear his smoulderingly sexy tones which bring the lyrics to life.  The lyrics are simple but there seems to be more to them than just a pretty picture of small town living and being in a place where “people in the park and people in the seafront they know you.”

The track also touches on a darker side to this dwelling, which forces people to force a façade to prevent from disappointing peoples desire for regularity and uniformity.  One of the most brilliant lines is, “So we must conceal all that we feel inside.”  One feels somewhat sorry for this tortured soul who is surrounded by a fragile reality which forces one to lock everything away inside.

Thankfully the Miserable Rich cannot be contained and the single is a sign of great things to come from the band.  Even their B-side “Bye Bye Kitty” is a bit of a hit and evidence of their talent for choosing catchy choruses.  They are an awesome band and they are everything which is great about music at the minute; originality, a willingness to experiment with their style, and they come away from their comfort zone and genuine musical talent emplying a range of instruments traditional and otherwise.

Release Date 29/03/2010 (Humble Soul)