Boots N Cats, the latest album from Melbourne’s Beans, released this March, captured the attention of our writers with its organ-driven garage-rock wig-outs, breezy psych-pop and groovy funk instrumentals. We needed to know more and via the wonders of the internet, here is our essential guide to the band:

Who are you?

Vincent Clementson, Bass Player in Beans from Geelong Victoria.

Who’s in the band and what do they play?

Matt Blach – Lead Vocal and Guitar

Jack Kong – Guitar

Mitch Rice – Hammond

Lachie McKiernan – Drums

How long have you been doing what you’re doing now?

As Beans we have been playing since about 2017 and we put out our first album ‘Babble’ in 2018.

Before that we have been jamming together since high school, Matt’s parents had a bar under their house that we spent many hours playing in.

Tell us about the writing and recording of your latest album Boots N Cats

Matt wrote this album during lockdown in Melbourne whilst living with Jack. As the other members of the band lived down the coast, we couldn’t see each other and make music in person so Matt used this time to hone his skills in recording.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your musical career so far?

Probably to not take ourselves too seriously. We try to have fun up on stage and don’t mind laughing at ourselves which I think comes out in our music.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a musician?

Don’t leave your gear in your car overnight

Is being a musician your full-time job, if not, how easy/tricky is it to juggle work and band life?

All of us work full time. I’ve just started teaching and was an electrician before that. Juggling band and work life can be tough but we’ve all just moved a bit closer to each other with Matt moving down out of the city which makes it a little easier to rehearse!

Do you think there are any obvious influences in your music?

A lot of people said stuff like The Nice when we were starting with the organ and that late 60’s prog and psych was definitely a huge part of our musical upbringing. 

Are there any not so obvious influences in your music?

This album definitely leans into the beats and production of late 90’s hip hop that we grew up on with older siblings cranking the cd’s in their cars. Three of us in the band learned drums growing up so percussion definitely takes a fair precedent when coming up with new song ideas.

Apart from yourself of course, which other band/artist would you recommend our readers check out?

Bones and Jones are an awesome alt rock’n’roll band who grew up in the same town as us and are currently on a little U.S tour. They’re all awesome fellas and super hard working, it’s been awesome sharing the stage with them over the years!

Tell us about the defining moment where you thought ‘Yes, I want to be a musician’.

Growing up my Dad has this sunburst Fender bass in the cupboard that I never got to hear. His old band reformed and played a show when I was in primary school and seeing that bass up there I thought I gotta give this a go.

What’s your favourite gig venue as a gig goer? 

We played a show with The Murlocs at The Northcote Theatre in Melbourne last year and that is just a beautiful old building with so much history.

Does it feel like a disadvantage for getting gigs to be based in Australia?

Not really a disadvantage but we are just so far away haha. Even flying to the other side of Australia is super expensive.

Who, in your wildest dreams would you like to collaborate with/be produced by and why?

Jeff Lynne, bring in the string section.

When is your next album due and what changes can we expect from it?

We’ve got another album coming later this year, it’s a bit different to anything we’ve done previously and also a lot less louder 😉

Best place for people to find out what you are up to?

Probably on Instagram @beansband or bandcamp