Probably the busiest week of 2024 so far. Without further ado, here is Silent Radio’s roundup of the week’s new releases.

Julia Holter         Something in the Room She Moves        

Singer-songwriter/composer whose production choices and arrangements form a continuum of fretless electric bass pitches in counterpoint with gliding vocal melodies, while Yamaha CS-60 lines entwine warm winds and reeds.

Saint Saviour     Sunseeker         

Produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, Sunseeker is an experiment in challenging dourness; eleven tracks of warm, light, baroque pop that swim in light.

Aoife O’Donovan             All My Friends  

Astonishing album of songs about the passing of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote written from a contemporary perspective and incorporating brass, an orchestra and an all-woman choir.

Gossip                  Real Power        

Reunited with producer Rick Rubin for an 11-track celebration of creative expression, and the power of chosen family in the aftermath of collective and personal trauma. The new pop, funk, disco diva stylings work well and Beth Ditto has rarely sounded in such good voice.

Sam Evian           Plunge 

A rock record that melds power pop, iridescent guitar, raucous psychedelia and features Adrienne Lenker.

Adrienne Lenker              Bright Future    

On Bright Future, Adrianne Lenker, a songwriter known for turns of phrase and currents of rhyme, says it plainly, “You have my heart // I want it back.” The songs are stripped back, accompanied by guitar, piano and violin.

Jon Langford & the Bright Shiners            Where It Really Starts

Best known for his work with Mekons and The Three Johns, the latest outlet for his creativity is a feast of harmonies, horns, mellotron, bowed guitar, piano and looped percussion

Fletcher               In Search of the Antidote            

Singer-songwriter delves deeper into the ultra-vivid storytelling and unfiltered introspection that have defined her boundary-pushing brand of pop. The album sees her exploring such complex themes as identity, insecurity, ego, and self-fulfilment with distinct production and powerful vocal delivery.

Pan American & Kramer               Reverberations of Non-Stop Traffic on Redding Road      

Mark Nelson of La Bradford joins forces with Kramer to create eleven brief sojourns into the dream state.

Saicobab              NRTYA 

Japanese trio featuring YoshimiO of Boredoms blend traditional Indian music with melodies and unexpected rhythms using unorthodox instrumentation to create utterly distinct modern ragas.

Lucy McWilliams             Third Second Chance EP               

Irish alt-pop singer-songwriter whose songs range through expansive indie, slinky R&B, swaying acoustic pop, ‘90s-rom-com-style rock,

The Utopia Strong           The BBC Sessions            

Five tracks recorded for the Marc Riley show from the band made up of Kavus Torabi and Steve Davis.


Trash Fiasco       Exist as Instructed          

Eight track album from Chicago garage rock trio.

Odetta Hartman               Swansongs        

The musical mixology of these songs cycle spans various genres of folk, americana, pop, punk, soul, ambient & spiritual.

Logic1000           Mother

House music about Samantha Poulter’s experiences as a new mother.

Morgan Harper-Jones    Up To The Glass

A delicate exploration of finding yourself in your twenties against a backdrop of love, self-acceptance and loss.

Thea Grant         Water and Dreams         

Composer and member of avant-jazz group Juno produces an experimental yet emotional set of vocal pieces.

Space Fight         Hyperspeed EP

Indie pop trio with a darker and more synth focused sound.

Ceiling Spirits    The Bloodwren

Multi-layered musical outfit spearheaded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Quadraccii. The album explores the cyclical nature of chaos and how the exploited and weak can be turned monstrous by cruelty and derision.

Flamango Bay    Mascara EP        

LA band inspired by the riot grrl movement, Mitski’s Bury Me At Makeout Creek and bands like X-Ray Spex.

Waxahatchee    Tigers Blood      

New album from indie-Americana artist.

Rosali    Bite Down          

North Carolina songwriter with an album tracing two cross-country moves.

Masal    The Galloping Cat           

Harp and synth duo collaborate on six meandering tracks of psychedelic grooves, electronic weirdness and motorik basslines mostly wordlessly exploring themes of self-discovery.

The Wandering Hearts                   Mother

British trio with a handcrafted patchwork of folk-style storytelling, pop hooks and rock energy threaded together by their luminous signature harmonies.

VR Sex                  Hard Copy          

Ten tracks of sneering psychedelic punk streaked with Chrome-damaged freak-outs and snotty power pop harmonies chronicling sex doll love affairs and glue-sniffing fatales.

Magic Tuber Stringband                Needlefall         

This album draws equally from the rich, living traditions of Appalachia alongside American avant-garde and minimalist movements.

Hideous Divinity              Unextinct           

An album marking another step towards musical unspoken terror and frenzy.

Onceweresixty                 Don’t Get Stuck

Weird psych folk pop with echoes of Pavement, Velvet Underground and Silver Jews

Not Me But Us                  Two      

Duo blends both of their influences with added echoes of ambient, techno, 2000s club culture, post-classical and vague hints of post-rock.

Rory Ryan            When You’re Alone, How Does It Feel? 

An artist taking influence from neo-psychedelia bands such as MGMT, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex and The Flaming Lips, as well as classic ‘70s songwriting from the likes of Carole King, Labi Siffre, Todd Rundgren, and McCartney.

Sleap-e                 8106    

The eleven songs are sharp, vibrant shards which, when you step back, build a mosaic of Asia Martina Morabito’s world: the growing pains of your early twenties, remaining faithful to your dreams despite the hostility of adulthood, places of escape both real and imagined – and the pulse of Bologna, her home.

Butthole Surfers               Psychic…Powerless…Another Man’s Sac, Rembrandt Pussyhorse, and PCPPEP

Reissues from the band’s unparalleled, strange and often grotesque early period.

Keygen Church                  Nel Nome Del Codice    

A modern-primitive love letter to doom/gothic/black metal with foundations in Baroque-era Classical and Romantic-era music.

Hamferd              Men Guðs Hond Er Sterk             

Faroe Islands based death/doom metal act with an album played live together in the studio without a click track.

Vince Freeman                 Scars, Ghosts & Glories

Musician who has performed at the likes of the F1 at Silverstone, horse-racing at Ascot, the FA Cup Final, receiving a platinum disc (for a collaboration with Lost Frequencies), 5 European Top 10s, sharing stages with Eric Clapton, Paul Weller, Jocelyn Brown, and Jamie Woon, and even has a thank you on Ed Sheeran’s debut album.

Green Milk from the Planet Orange & Fuckwolf                 Let’s Split           

A limited-edition album-length release celebrating a 2024 Japanese split tour between the neo-psychedelic Green Milk from the Planet Orange and the scuzzy art rockers Fuckwolf.

Frank & Tony     Ethos    

Duo whose moniker is an homage to creative friendship, the fluid and free anonymity of club culture and the belief that house music continues to bring communities together from its earliest days until the present.

Boris & Coaltar of the Deepers  Hello there        

Two Japanese bands that formed in the 90s get together and “present newly recorded self-covers of past songs to today’s listeners”.

USA Nails            Feel Worse        

Noise rock/no wave band from London comprising of members of Kong, Future Of The Left, Death Pedals and Silent Front. Their album explores schadenfreude.

no-ne    Daisyland           

This album represents a return to English songwriting, appealing to enthusiasts of Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, and 90’s Shoegazing.

Desperate Measures      Sublime Destruction     

An album that sits between the Cult and the Stooges with lots of hooks and dynamics.

The Cyrkle          Revival

Thirteen new tracks of sunshine pop from band who opened for The Beatles.

Dylan Henner    The Shepherds

Composer with a soundtrack of woodwinds, brass, harp, piano, synthesis, and processed voice.

Hammer King    Konig und Kaiser             

Hammering, fast running double kick drums meet speed riffing on the 10 new metal hymns, crowned by memorable sing-along choruses that are meant to be sung with a fist raised in the air.

Martin Rev          Martin Rev         

A reissue of his 1980 solo debut which followed soon after Suicide’s second album.

Alestorm             Voyage of the Dead Marauder  

EP in trademark pirate metal style, breaking into an intense middle passage before unleashing a wild, synth-laden pirate party breakdown full of intense screams.

Only Fire             Moana Lisa        

Five club ready bangers inspired by living in Berlin.