Lusts photo by Lauren Noble

Lusts photo by Lauren Noble


Walking down Oldham Street on my way to the Night and Day Café with my face glued to google maps, I’m stumbling past the doorway and then having to retrace my steps to find this glorious little gem of a music venue. Behind the bar is lined with various alcoholic beverages, and the patrons are quickly grabbing drinks in preparation for the show to begin.

I quickly move within a few meters of the stage and take a seat on a bench while the first support act are busy getting set up. With their allotted set time passing by I begin to worry that Silver Vials won’t be making an appearance ; but at the last minute the three piece band amble on and begin picking up their instruments. Silver Vials begin to play their psychedelic and droning music and it’s clearly delighting their fan base surrounding me. The powerful drums and epic guitar synths begin to echo around us, the repetitive lyrics and growly vocals keep causing a stir within the crowd. Whilst it’s not specifically my taste in music, it’s definitely gaining favour from the crowd tonight.

The Night and Day Café is giving absolutely everything that it has tonight, as the crowd is energised and poised. The psychedelic vibes are rolling off the walls in waves and its captivating being in the same room as all of this pent up energy.

After Silver Vials makes their exit; we’re granted a brief interlude before Savage Goth begin their set. Taking to the stage, they say a quick hello before launching head first into their first track. While I initially thought the band name indicated their ‘savage’ nature, they’re far from it. It’s obvious to see that they’re heavily influenced by 80’s dream pop. Switching between some gothic sections and mellow beachy undertones, the band really start to give it some welly. They have a beautiful sound and pure passion for performing. Tonight, we’re given an absolute treat, they’re playing us a brand new track and we’re warned that “it could go well or horribly wrong”, let’s hope it’s the former! ‘Afro-pop’ is funky and entrancing, something quite different to their earlier tracks in the set, but it’s one that induces dancing all around me.  Bobbing and weaving in time to the beat provokes a melodic and hypnotic reaction from the fans. Finishing up their set with a flourish; Savage Goth bid us farewell, and then it’s time for LUSTS.

Brothers, Andy and James Stone from Leicester are coming off the back of their first album release, Illuminations. They begin organising their equipment and plugging in mics and amps much to the impatient frustration of the crowd. When they finally begin, Andy caresses the vocals and then begins a build-up of epic proportions which is resulting in avid love and adoration from the ‘super-fans’ grooving around me. The rhythmic swaying is rift tonight and it’s obvious that the Stone brothers act as one mind when they’re on stage.



Playing the astounding tracks from their album, they’re getting a red hot welcome from the fans; many screaming and shouting the lyrics with high intensity passion and drive. Taking a brief pause to have a sneaky drink of water, Stone starts to tell us the back-story of their track ‘Iluminations’. Apparently James bought him a book with the same title as a birthday gift, but bought it in French so he couldn’t read it. Therefore he wrote a song which was his interpretation of the book. Andy then freely admits that he was completely wrong, but the song is truly beautiful nevertheless.

Moving on to ‘Waves’, the semi-niche track which should really only appeal to gothic surf enthusiasts, but this just isn’t the case at all. It’s an ideal anthem for the band as it truly showcases their sound. LUSTS decide to end their amazing night on a high note; with their debut single from last March, ‘Temptation’; fuelled with glossy synths and riffs it’s a drum led track which packs a gigantic punch. It’s a perpetually addictive track and it most definitely left us all shouting for more.

After LUSTS exit the stage, we’re treated by the regular antics DJ’s to a set. Everyone was riding a major high after the sensational LUSTS performance. Now it’s all about the waiting game for BLOSSOMS to start their DJ set. They rock the party with indie anthems and classic beats. It’s a combination of psychedelic tracks and electro hits. The people around me are absolutely loving it and they inspire even more dancing and enthusiasm to pour out of the crowd. When they finish up, it’s back to the regular antics DJ’s to close out the night.

Speaking to LUSTS after the gig, I asked what they thought of the venue and night in general. “It was great to come and play the Antics club-night, it felt like there was an energy and a vibe in the room… they’re always the best shows when that happens. We enjoy it very much in Manchester, it’s a city with a swagger. We will return soon.

For now, it’s time for this weary reviewer to head to her bed after a night of immense music.

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