Sleaford Mods share their new video for ‘Moptop’ – take a gander at this below. The video which was filmed in a friend’s kitchen, is taken from their new album English Tapas, which recently came out on Rough Trade.

According to singer Jason Williamson, the song is “based around the disgusting lie that is Boris Johnson, the wannabe Churchill (We don’t need another one). The song also discusses the void that is modern music, internet attention spans, one dimensional acts and the current trend of reformed bands looking to cash in with PR heavy assaults that try to conceal their pointlessness.”

Also today (Monday 6th March 2017), at 19.00pm, Sleaford Mods will participate in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Go to for this.

Jason says “I’ll be answering abusive or nice questions for an hour”.

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