Saint Agnes


It’s a hell of a wild evening out there, but that hasn’t stopped people from finding their way to Night and Day Café to watch Hey Bulldog and Saint Agnes.

Hey Bulldog have been around for a number of years now, quietly building their fan base and strengthening their repertoire. Tonight’s set is strong from the off, with opener ‘If They Could See’ setting the tone. The intensity increases with two of their newest tracks, ‘No Future Part II’ and current single ‘Al Lupo’ ensuring the crowd curiously edge further forward, feet tapping appreciatively. Ending with the 2016 single ‘Divide and Conquer’, they leave the stage to cheers and applause that they’re certain to be happy with, all things considered.

London’s Saint Agnes proffer dirty blues rock and roll and have always attracted a following for their ability to push the musical boundaries and be different. With Saint Agnes, it is as much about the performance itself as the music being played, and these guys really know how to put on a show with an array of interesting light effects set to the music.

Despite several other shows on in Manchester tonight and the appalling weather outside, Night and Day is bustling with activity. They take to the stage to open with ‘Merry Mother of God Go Round’, a scuzzy number which simultaneously takes you to the desert and the depths of the underground. The set contains a number of new tracks, including the provocative ‘Death or Glory’ and ‘Witching Hour’ with its haunting, echoing vocals at the end. Without a debut album yet under their belt, one can only hope these tracks are a taste of future delights. Tried and tested favourite ‘Old Bone Rattle’ ignites a cheer and the powerful ‘Sister Electric’ has a similar effect.

Hey Bulldog and Saint Agnes have put on quite the show tonight, and listening to the crowd reaction afterwards, it’s clear that everyone is happy with the experience. It may be -5 outside, but in the venue it’s been a scorcher.

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