Berlin-based composer and musician Hainbach reveals his new album entitled ‘Landfill Totems’.

Hainbach, whose real name is Stefan Goetsch, is an electronic music composer and performer.

His latest album started as an installation and a one-off performance in Berlin, with the erection of three huge sculptures from obsolete, once high-end research equipment taken from nuclear research labs, particle accelerators and grandfather’s sheds. These forgotten relics of scientific progression and human evolution were repurposed by the artist and given a new lease of life as musical instruments dubbed the ‘Landfill Totems’.

The juxtaposition of totemic imagery and electronic landfill is, in part, meant to act as a commentary on the environmental cost of progress as what was once the pinnacle of technology quickly becomes unviable and destined for the scrapheap. The intervention of Hainbach upcycling and redesigning them as pillars and shrines helps the encapsulate idea that progress doesn’t always have to cause destruction.

Listen to lead track ‘Funktionsverlust’ – a dark and dramatic track with deep pressurised bass and a portentous, industrial repetition, striking a balance between the past and present lives of the totems – below.

SA Recordings will release ‘Landfill Totems’ on April 9th. Pre-order here.

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