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When I look back on my teen years and the bands I use to adore, it makes me sad to think that those bands are now defunct or still clinging on to fame by releasing the same records. The Cribs are one of the few bands from this period who go from strength to strength with big records, sold out shows and a totally loyal fan base who hang on their every word. Tonight we’re at the Ritz as part of the bands sold out tour of ‘smaller’ venues, debuting tracks from their forthcoming sixth album ‘For All My Sisters’ and there isn’t a frown in the room. The Cribs always seem to bring the party with their sprightly indie-punk racket and tonight is expecting to be no exception.

Before we get to the brothers Jarman, we have support from upcoming Leeds fuzz makers ‘Menace Beach’ and recently re-formed mid-noughties indie outfit ‘The Ordinary Boys’. Menace Beach open proceedings as they blast through a bunch of scuzzy grunge pop tunes, focusing on tracks from their excellent debut ‘Ratworld’. As always they play like they mean it, the songs are sharp and out of the times I’ve seen them I can finally hear keyboardist/guitarist Leah both vocally and bringing her vintage organ hooks to the forefront. Although it’s an early start and there’s not a huge crowd, Menace Beach still deliver the goods and look ready to play bigger spaces.

Main support comes from The Ordinary Boys, who play a mixture of new tracks as well as a good chunk of hits from their well-loved debut ‘Over The Counter Culture’. It’s a pretty fun set, the old songs make me all nostalgic and the new songs sound big and catchy. Oh and former Spectrals man Louis is now their guitarist which is cool to see, particularly with his deep north croon backing up Preston’s sharp southern drawl; it’s an interesting contrast.  Hopefully with this new line up and these new songs they’ll become a band to be taken seriously again.

The Cribs take to the stage and the room goes nuts! Sweat, beer and chants galore as they rip through a set of classics and new, future hits. It’s great to see that the band are still having fun and play with the utmost conviction and spirit, Ryan Jarman in particular as he pogo’s around the stage booting over his mic stand every now and again. The old tracks still sounds super fresh, and it’s great to hear tracks like ‘Mirror Kisses’ and ‘What About Me’ and be reminded on a simpler time when I use jump around my room to these songs. The new songs sound really cool too, on record they seem to be going for a plusher, pop sound but live they fit really well with the other jaggy punk pop hits they throw at us.

The crowd seem to be really into the new stuff too and still jump around and clap around, new single ‘Burning For No-One’ already goes down like an old track with fans throwing their arms around each other screaming the chorus! I can’t believe I’ve been a Cribs fan for 11 years and still not caught them live! Everyone has told me I was in for a treat and I really have been! It’s great to see a band still in their prime after a decade of playing together, and with this new album, I hope this is the year that The Cribs will be pushed to become everyone’s go to British indie band!

Fun, sweaty, smiles all round, the Brothers Jarman will always be The New Fellas.

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