Seemingly what I am hearing appears to be lurking in the youthful exuberance aisle; the distorted guitars forcefully yanking the shopping cart further into the unmapped retail complex that I’ve decided this review will be set in. It’s the changes in pace throughout the song that seem to invoke a kind of indecision… should one be jacked up on one of the more well known lords and saviours in this present civilisation? Probably not, but that’s ok.

In regards to the rhythm section, it almost acts as a kind of leverage system (I’ve invented a whole universe now) of wheel and steer, very much dictating what approach the rest of the band take on the misadventure occurring, keeping their prominence and relevance known yet allowing the guitars to express themselves by not overstepping them. The vocals convey the message of the song reasonably enough, though I feel the production somewhat robs them of the immediacy of what is happening; it seems the instrumental side subdues the delivery of the lyrics to the point that I can’t quite make out certain parts, making an analysis a fruitless endeavour.

I suspect a live setting for this song would capture the essence of this band in a more compatible light, since production can often blunt the energy and enthusiasm that the stage, with its spectators and atmosphere, bring with it. Overall, with its running time of just over 2 minutes combined with the golden retriever stealing a piece of fruit from the basket approach of the guitars, it perfectly sums up the what I suspect would be a rock-centric deconstruction of organised religion; a track for the pious?

Springfield Elementary – Jacked Up On Jesus: Out Now


Angus Rolland

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