With eleven tracks of pure rapture, Inhaler makes the wait so unbelievably worth it. ‘Cuts & Bruises’ is an album that needs to be listened to, screamed to, danced to, and, at a minimum, shared across the entire universe.

Following the release of their debut album, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, which hit no. 1 in both the UK and Irish Official Charts, we have craved more from Inhaler, desperate to hear what else they can do. Having been teased with the drops of three different singles from their new album since June 2022, when they released ‘These Are The Days’, we’re finally coming close to the launch of the long-awaited ‘Cuts & Bruises’. 

The album throws out nostalgic-feeling anthems, forming a perfect playlist for any given moment. Soft whistling noises and rhythmical drums sends us into ‘Just To Keep You Satisfied’, before leading onto the edgy guitar that was so prominent throughout their first album. This only gets heavier as we move through the song, but mixed with the soft vocals, it gives the feel of a pent-up ballad, creating what is potentially the best start to an album.

Embracing the tense atmosphere already put in place, Inhaler strikes with the already-adored ‘Love Will Get You There’, the second of the pre-released singles. This track delivered a music video, showing the four members in a faux performance, which only left the fans yearning for more.

Tracks three and four give us more of the hyped-up Inhaler sound that we know so well from ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, including new listen ‘So Far, So Good’, and pre-released ‘These Are The Days’. No matter how much we hear of their alternative music, it will never become boring and no two tracks will ever sound the same. 

After the familiarity of the authentic energy from the beginning of the album, we now start to hear more slow songs, starting with the last of the pre-releases, ‘If You’re Gonna Break My Heart’, where the juxtaposition of the sorrowful, heartfelt lyrics to the somewhat groovy guitar leaves an odd feeling of broken-hearted joy. Following this love elegy, we hear ‘Perfect Storm’. Suddenly, the meaning of the album name becomes more related to the songs than it has been, as these tracks sound more painful, with a heavy-hearted inspiration behind each one.

Picking up the pace once again, ‘Dublin In Ecstacy’ reverts back to the typical Inhaler that we all know and adore. Although this song sticks to the recurring theme of love, this one is made with a kind of grunge feel, adding to the range on the album. The reference to Dublin allows for a more personal origin, devoting the song to their roots and the place where this all started – it’s almost like we’re only getting closer to the band.

The remaining four tracks follow the matter of love even further, leading to the last two songs, ‘The Things I Do’ and ‘Now You Got Me’. Leaving us with the feeling of being so helplessly in love, something we all feel when listening to Inhaler, we end the album on the usual high-spirited feel of their music, able to enjoy their creations as the record comes to a close.

‘Cuts & Bruises’ really is an emotional rollercoaster, with the joy of hearing our beloved Inhaler’s new creations, along with the pain behind a few of the tracks, and the excitement that fuels the others. The album has allowed us to experience many different sounds, yet they’ve managed to nail each and every one of them. Two years since their debut album, and they come back with what could easily be one of the best albums in history. Inhaler is only just getting started, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what happens next.

Inhaler: Cuts & Bruises – Out Now (Polydor)