For a band, travelling across the globe to new countries to play music can often be a daunting experience, however if bands did this with the confidence of Melbourne’s U-Bahn, no band would have to worry about anything again.

Yet another rendition of Victoria’s seemingly endless supply of talent made itself heard in Yes last night, nearing the end of their debut and fantastically successful European voyage. Being thrust back into a unique 80s-style-prevalent, keyboard-centred band is definitely an easy way to get a Manchester crowd moving, as it did.

Beginning with the first track from their debut album, ‘Beta Boyz’, set the tone for a melodic and fantastically catchy set infused with both fast-paced, rhythmic tracks and smooth interludes contrasting with a powerful rendition of the slow but moving ‘Goodbye Placenta’. Despite the business of each member whilst playing, the band executed every note with perfection and were not scared of enjoying themselves whilst doing so.

The band give off a refreshing attitude of “we are what we are” but still are very thankful for a new crowd, and as a result delivered nothing but their best. Moving between current and new material, each track gave off a palpable vibe with not one person stood still in a packed Basement.

Highlights of the set include tracks ‘Right Swipe’, ‘Turbulent Love’ and as an encore ‘Bourgeois’ from the first album, which with their success and along with new material included in the set definitely prompts the hint of a return in the future which wouldn’t be criticised by anyone in attendance.

An eye-catching gimmick is also an excellent way to capture a new audience which is another thing that has been done brilliantly here with make-up and matching outfits as well an interesting stage presence with band staring off into the distance at seemingly nothing whilst playing their instruments. Little elements such as these are a fine way of making yourself known.

U-Bahn are definitely another fine addition to make waves across Europe publicising their fantastic scene further around the world as it deserves nothing less. More material from this intriguing band seems as though it isn’t far away and there is no doubt that it will be met with brilliant reception and the band will be welcomed back with open arms.

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