We can’t deny it now can we, these 90’s reunion tours are getting old. But, sometimes when you’ve got such a great drum beat behind the band as well as the vocals, as in the case of Supergrass’ Danny Goffey, the prospect of a new project is a very exciting prospect indeed.

I suppose we are all on drugs these days actually, whether it’s a gout pill you take or a clinically toxic anxiety medication, as alluded to on the first single and opener to the album, which also happens to be a Friday night dance floor killer! Unlike the previous album, the tone throughout is one of positivity , yes ‘everybody is on drugs.

A classic composition of catchy lyrics, a heavy drum beat and a chugging guitar sound are the musical trio expected when listening to a migration of Supergrass. Although third track ‘Distiller Music’ is a complete new avenue for the sticksman, being a infectiously groovy dance track that wouldn’t be out of place on a LCD Soundsystem record, which then leads into single track ‘Discopunk’ a track of whose title speaks for itself.

The album takes a more sombre turn on tracks such as ‘I Lost My Girl To A Fairground Worker’ and third single ‘Looking Out For Number One’ showing perhaps a more mature and reflective side to Goffey’s lyrical ability as he reflects “I need a full body MOT.”

The album highlight for me is the brit-pop classic ‘The Left Side’ a unapologetic salute to the era of music in which Goffey and his band mates cut out their careers. This album is a must listen for any fan of Goffey’s previous work and I look forward to any opportunities to hear some of these tracks live in the coming months.

Danny Goffey: ‘Bryan Moone’s Disco Punk’  – Out 24th February 2023 (Distiller Records)