Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods

 Friday 21st April 2017 sees the release of Bunch of Kunst, Christine Franz’s official documentary feature on Nottingham punk duo, Sleaford Mods. The band’s sweary rants about modern England have seen them dubbed “the voice of Britain” by their fans, “Britain’s angriest band” by the Guardian, and “the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” by Iggy Pop. The music documentary, which is being released through UK distributor Munro Films (Northern Soul, Cobain: Montage of Heck), follows the band from bedroom recording sessions to chart success.

Over a two-year period in the UK and Europe, director/producer Franz, a Berlin-based music journalist, filmed former chicken factory worker, Jason Williamson, his beatmaker band mate, Andrew Fearn, and their manager, bus driver, and avant-garde bedroom label owner, Steve Underwood. With candour and humour, Bunch of Kunst tells the story of three guys taking on the music business on their own terms.

The film is a passion piece, not just for Franz who admits to having had “a band crush at first hearing”, but for every member of the production team, who volunteered in their spare time and during holidays. It is also fully self-financed, by choice. Speaking on the creative freedom this allowed, Franz says, “My idea was to make a film that was as DIY and as rough around the edges as the band itself.

Sleaford Mods frontman, Jason Williamson also added “This documentary film is the perfect antidote to those sexy, racy, rock ‘n’ roll yawns most bands hide behind.”

Bunch of Kunst premieres as part of the CPH:DOX international documentary festival in Copenhagen (16th-26th March 2017), followed by the UK premiere at the Nottingham Broadway on Sunday 19th March 2017.

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