Heat swirls around the room as The Kairos captivate the crowd. Moving to the beat, hearts pumping with adrenaline, the audience gathers to see the band’s whirlwind performance. Dempsey, Chambers, Bradley and Forrester effortlessly show what it means to have raw talent and skill, which is seen so rarely. The crowd works in a system, moving back and forth from the bar to the stage, like a conveyor belt, as anticipation rises. The venue is up close and intimate and is jam-packed by the time The Kairos take the stage. Kickstarting the setlist, their electric energy charged up the atmosphere and struck the room like a live wire, each note emitting sparks. Crowd pleasers such as ‘Lazy Lethargic’ and ‘Thick of it’ made an appearance. During the latter there are a variety of impressive riffs accompanying the distorted sounds of a guitar. The raspiness of the frontman’s voice sinks its claws into the back of the room, grabbing your attention and pulling you in. The humming baselines and proficient drumming patterns are catchy and memorable, leaving your mind spinning like an endless helter-skelter of music.

As the set continues, they belt out ‘Better late than never’. Pink and blue lights capture their outlines, like auras, bright and commanding. Stage presence and charisma is engrained in their DNA. Liverpool is famed for their great musicians and these four are no exception. Modern Merseyside music. They echo the sound of past iconic bands such as Oasis, whilst remaining authentic. The Kairos are ahead of their time. They are as impressive live as they are in the studio. The rawness of their music only adds depth and character, none of that artificiality which can turn a good record sour. No holding back, the group made a memorable introduction to a soon to be released single ‘Rat Race’. Although it’s slower than most of their previous songs, it still packs a punch. It did everything but disappoint. It was the kind of gig that made you forget about the outside world, making you want to capture every moment. The sight of a phone was a rarity and the audience were completely engaged with the band. If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that this group of lads are going to be huge. This is the right time for the Kairos.

Photo credit @luellapix on Instagram