If you’ve ever thought that no one could be so preposterously immature as to actually write a song like Lick My Love Pump, think again. Ginuwine wrote a song called Pony, which features the following lines (please note that these words are delivered without the slightest hint of irony):

If you’re horny, Let’s do it
Ride it, My Pony
My saddle’s waiting
Come and jump on it

Yeah, that’s amazingly puerile, but surely we can brush piss brained lyrics like these under the carpet and pretend they were never written? Surely no band would be even more stupid than Ginuwine and actually cover it. Here’s a lesson for you, never underestimate the depths of stupidity to which a rock band might stoop.

Far’s cover of Pony certainly rocks, and it was downloaded 19,000 times a day on its release in the U.S. But this proves that Far’s idiocy is matched only by the idiocy and shallow nature of their fans. It’s something of a frightening reflection on the intellect and interests of some people in America.

I like this track, it’s got a good riff and it’s laughable. I doubt that Pony’s genuine fans like it for the same reasons and that is a deeply troubling thought

Release Date 01/02/2010

Chris Gilliver

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