‘Gravity’ is the third single taken from the new studio album ‘Lost’ by Trentemøller.

With the drum setting inspired by early Krautrock this wonderful and mulitlayered song still breathes the Trentemøller signature. The vocals have been con- tributed by Jana Hunter, singer of Baltimore based band ‘Lower Dens’ and melt perfectly with ‘Gravity’.

On the B-side there is a remix by Copenhagen & Berlin based band Pinkunoizu who are currently stirring a buzz with their new album ‘The Drop’. Their version puts the song into a new light with re-arranged melodies and a hypnotic build.

The video for ‘Gravity’ explores new collaborative territory. It’s set on the intricate, myriad freeways of Los Angeles and stars actor Oscar Isaac, who is known for his parts in Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’, Refn’s ‘Drive’ and plays the lead character in the new Coen Brothers movie ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. Oscar is “Mr. Carpool” – an inventive out of work man who makes ends meet by offering the busy An- gelinos his services as an extra passenger, so they can drive in the highways’ fast track, the so called Car Pool lanes. All day he meets the faces of LA – most of whom were cast to play themselves.

The video is an homage to the great city of LA – a place where diversity is an understatement; a place full of vibrant characters from all walks of life; a place where even our Mr. Carpool can gravitate into his American dream.

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