Shit Present – Fuck It

Bristol-based emo power pop outfit Shit Present are back. A new era for the trio is heralded by the long-awaited arrival of a boldly brilliant brand new single ‘Fuck It’. As Iona Cairns who fronts the band explains: “We started writing this song as a joke cause it sounded like that Feeder song about drinking cider from a lemon. It is a manic song about feeling like you want to start arguments with everyone you love and bring up stuff from the past. The lyrics were supposed to be tongue in cheek but of course, like a lot of my songwriting, it just came out very intense.”

Shit Present’s previous EPs ‘Shit Present’ (2015) and ‘Misery + Disaster’ (2016) are also being repressed and are available to pre-order now via their label, the also-Bristol-based Specialist Subject. The releases garnered acclaim for Cairns’ fervent vocals, exploring themes of anxiety, depression and solitude. These re-presses and the arrival of brand new music from the band will be celebrated with a series of live dates through February and March, as well as an appearance at Manchester Punk Festival in April. Details below.

For almost three years, Cairns couldn’t write a song. She’d been creating for as long as she could remember, so this stagnant period felt like she would never get it back. It was the result of a hospitalisation, and coming to terms with her mental health issues, and while Cairns was in a much healthier place, she felt as if she couldn’t return to the person she was before. Then, without any epiphany or grand catalyst, Cairns picked up the guitar again and began writing what would become their first, yet-to-be-revealed, full-length album. Cairns has found a way to express herself more freely than ever before, with the help of bandmates Thom Weeks (guitar, bass, vocals) and Ben Cottam (drums).



04 Feb Bristol Exchange (with Me Rex)

05 Feb Nottingham Bodega (with Me Rex)

18 Feb Leeds Brudenell

19 Feb Manchester Cafe Fuel

7-9 April Manchester Punk Fest


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