Here is Silent Radio’s selection of the week’s top new releases.

The Umbrellas                  Fairweather Friend        

As a Manchester-based website, how could we fail to recommend a band named after an essential item for our stereotypically damp climate. However, this is a San Francisco four-piece whose second album flaunts its debt to the jangly, melodic end of C86 and inspires the desire to shake a long-gone floppy fringe around.

Gruff Rhys           Sadness Sets Me Free   

A collection of classic pop sounds with soaring strings carrying the sweet melodies along, anchored by just enough necessary melancholy to add emotional ballast.

Ty Segall              Three Bells        

A deeper, wilder journey with all fifteen songs brimming with perspectives, shapeshifting incessantly,

Courting               New Last Name

Liverpool indie band working with The Cribs on a record that is a theatrical play within an album.

Tapir!    The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain  

A South London six-piece who describe themselves as a ‘boiling together’ of different mediums: at once musical, theatrical, mythological, artistic, collaborative, narrative-led and, above all, something to be enjoyed and shared.

Future Islands   People Who Aren’t There Anymore        

On their seventh album, they have turned inward and unlocked a new level of ferocity, delivering some of their most inspiring and most heart-breaking tracks by doing the opposite: taking their time, making each breath, each syllable, each cymbal crash count.

Elena Setien       Moonlit Reveries            

Basque multi-instrumentalist and composer embarks on a hallucinatory promenade of mood and rhythm, Setién is joined by renowned drummer/percussionist Glenn Kotche of Wilco.

Nehan                  An evening with nehan

Japanese improvisation quintet using a wide array of instruments including gongs, timpani, tabla and other drums and percussion, Crumhorn, bagpipes, mellotron, oscillators and additional sound effects.

Eye Flys                 Eye Flys

Philadelphian band whose aggressive style of noise rock is leading a wave of bands that harken back to the classic AmRep era.

Colin Newman                  Bastard

Reissue of Wire frontman’s 1997 album which mixed techno, drum and bass and post-rock. The CD version contains 12 bonus tracks, including 4 previously unreleased.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes           Dark Rainbow  

An album that puts southern gothic balladry and crooning alt rock upfront while focusing on self-reflection, memory and gratitude.

Brad Stank          In the Midst of You        

A blend of lounge lizard jazz and smoky blues from the Liverpool artist.

Charlotte Sands                 Can We Start Over?       

Debut album from artist who is part of the Emo’s Not Dead Cruise

Kula Shaker        Natural Magick

The seventh album from the psychedelia-tinged Britpop era band.

Hellman               Born.Death, Suffering   

An unrelenting blend of blasting drums, raging riffs, and a panzer bass at the frontline.

Dermabrasion   Pain Behaviour

Toronto duo’s album alludes to Roman Catholicism, LaVeyan Satanism and genre fiction, the songs investigate shame, power, duty and inhabiting a human body. The album’s statement is honed to a menacing edge with a sound swinging in the directions of first wave and contemporary post-punk, industrial, and NWOBHM.

Dead Poet Society           Fission 

LA quartet whose album is a blend of anthemic alternative, dark and moody hard rock, and progressive indie.

Katy Kirby           Blue Raspberry

The New York based singer-songwriter traces the crescendo and collapse of new love, savouring each gleaming shard of rock candy and broken glass along the way.

Quarters of Change        Portraits             

Alt-rock band with aggressively vulnerable storytelling.

Microstoria        init ding and _snd           

Deluxe reissue of 2 albums from duo of German electronic music innovators Markus Popp (Oval) and Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars).

Vitriol   Suffer & Become             

Death metal band with an album that aims for a stark duality.

Whitechapel     Live in the Valley             

A live recording of their 7th annual hometown Christmas benefit show in 2022 where they played a mixed set from their albums ’The Valley‘ and ’Kin‘.

Hiraes                   Dormant             

Melodic death metal assault from former members of Critical Mess and Dawn of Disease.

Trilobeat             Extinction Horizon          

Slovakian band whose genre-hopping instrumental music has attracted fans of prog-rock, nu-jazz, alternative, and even classical music.

Little Man Tate                  Welcome to the Rest of Your Life             

Twelve indie songs filled with the arch storytelling, colourful characters, and tongue-in-cheek witticisms of frontman Jon Windle.

Dust Mice           Room Within A Room   

Second album from the Seattle band of psych-tinged space rock

Black Polish       Forest (Monsters Live in the Trees)         

Ardent champion of mental health issues taking inspiration from a diverse array of artists including Fleetwood Mac, Mitski, Lord Huron, Lorde, and Twenty One Pilots

Early Life Forms                 Early Life Forms

A one-off live show recorded with guitarist Marc Ribot that draws on latin, jazz, cuban, and rock with a touch of exoticism and cinematic explorations.

Polevoulter        Violently Ill       

Militant dance punk DIY duo who question and skewer the veins of masculinity, sexuality, the order of things, the music industry and the miserable reality of the North.

Omen   Escape To Nowhere       

35th anniversary edition

The Gems           Phoenix              

Swedish rock trio featuring ex-Thundermother members vocalist Guernica Mancini, drummer Emlee Johansson and guitarist/bassist Mona “Demona” Lindgren.

Rhys Bloodjoy   The Chaos in Veins         

A one-man noise machine, using sophisticated loops, echo drenched harmonies and reverb-soaked melodies to create a blend of Cold Wave and Psychedelia.

Mall Girl              Pure Love           

An eclectic merging of influences ranging from indie-pop and jazz to Midwest emo and math-rock.