Here is a selection of this week’s new releases.

The Fauns            How Lost            

Their third album on which the tracks traverse a spectrum of styles, ranging from intricate, guitar-driven sci-fi fantasies to industrial-tinged new wave compositions. The hallmark shoegaze elements are now stretched over gritty pulsating electro beats.

Conchur White Swirling Violets

Singer-songwriter from County Armagh whose album is allusive and intimate, unearthly yet instantly accessible while musically referencing Midlake, Aldous Harding and Bleachers.

Daudi Matsiko  The King of Misery         

Raw but quietly intimate album that touches on deeply personal topics such as depression, bipolar affective disorder, and his emotions surrounding Britain’s dark history with slavery.

Lizzie No              Halfsies

Intricate songwriting that blends the political and personal as naturally as their patchwork of influences.

Sleater Kinney   Little Rope         

Their tenth album is powerfully honest and soul-bearing.

Jozef Van Wissem           The Night Dwells in the Day       

Dutch lute player who creates works equally as rooted in classical Renaissance and Baroque forms of lute music, as contemporary sounds spanning drones, electronics and field recordings.

Touche Amore   Is Survived By   

Tenth anniversary remix of their third album, a record that tackles the complicated nature of leaving a lasting legacy and the uncertainty that surrounds that; ultimately resulting in a record about learning to find the validation and love within one’s self.

Rustbelt               You Got Nowhere To Go But You’re Going There Tonight EP         

Underdog pop with a tension between the lyrics and the music, which draws on Chiaverina’s love of the broader American pop continuum—everything from radio hits to scrappy DIY singles.

Packs     Melts the Honey             

Third album from band who have drawn comparisons to artists like Alex G, Vivian Girls, Pavement and Best Coast.

Hot Garbage      Precious Dream

Toronto psych fuzz rockers new album careens at high speeds into a darker world of searing post-punk riffs, grappling with themes of dread, loss, the resilience of the human spirit and the highs and lows of solitude.

Slift        Ilion      

New Sub Pop signing from France who fuse the furious intensity of metal and the wigged-out guitar heroics of psych-rock with post-rock’s epic sense of scale.

Daniel Johnston               Live in New York              

A concert from April 2000 recorded and live mixed by Kramer.

Various                 Pushin’ Too Hard: American Garage Punk 1964-1967     

3CD 94-track survey of American garage rock taking in the Seeds, Love, Electric Prunes and a host of lesser-known practitioners.

The Long Ryders               Native Sons       

Expanded reissue of their 1984 debut which fuses 1960s style garage rock and folk rock with country rock.

Upon Stone        Dead Mother Moon      

A nine-song blast of viciously delivered Melodic Death Metal.

Ian Mikyska and Fredrik Rasten                 Music for Sixth-tone Harmonium            

New compositions for Alois Hába’s unique sixth-tone harmonium, performed by Miroslav Beinhauer, who has single-handedly revived the instrument after decades of slumber.

Affection Place Smouldering Fire            

Lyon band who came out of the post-punk scene in the late 70s with an album produced by Dave Formula of Magazine.

Brown Horse      Reservoir           

Debut from Norfolk six-piece that timeless folk/country tinted sounds of the 70s revised with a guitar-driven 90s alt/rock edge in a set of soul-stirring songs.

Feral Family        Without Motion              

Bridlington post-punk band with an album about growing-up and getting-by in a seaside town strewn with complex characters and tangled relationships; Feral Family deliver an unflinching dive into the daily struggles that will be familiar to anyone who recognises such a place.

Chew Magna      Chew Magna     

The album lurches through Indie Rock, Krautrock, Post-Hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock and Shoegaze.