Tallies – Tallies

A week ago, if you were to do a quick search for Tallies on either YouTube, Spotify, or Google Music, you’ll find a very limited supply of nothing longer than a single. But despite that, the small Toronto based quartet have been picking up speed and, on January 11th, released their first album, the self-titled ‘Tallies’.

If you like the occasional listen to Mac DeMarco or find Peach Pit is your guilty pleasure, you may also find that trying to filter out a lot of the ever-growing dream pop scene from your recommended listens is becoming a huge task. But with the solid rock like drum beats laying beneath that classic airy floating guitars, Tallies music is tweaked slightly from much of what is available for public consumption and tweaked in a good way. As a result, it can give you a welcome break from your seemingly endless, repetitive press of that skip button. Mixing a traditional rock sound with the essence of dream pop is something that can send you into a euphoric state of mind when listening, flowing from chord to chord, barely noticing the change, allows you to be swept off of your feet and into a catatonic state with the melodies. Songs such as ‘Beat the Heart’ and ‘Trouble’ keep the album grounded when other songs like ‘Mother’ can quite easily lift you out of your seat. With its quick moving drums and catchy guitar, the song almost sounds like a cleaned out, stripped back version of The Wombats ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’. Don’t think anyone can complain about that!

Coming out with a new album for any artist is always littered with uncertainty. Will it sell? Will we cover the costs? Will the label think it’s good enough? But despite all those possible concerns, Tallies seem to have broken the mould and nothing from this album sounds pushed, strained or out of place. For all intents and purposes, it could be a third or fourth that had been meticulously planned in a high-end studio. With American shows underway for the next 3 months and the new album released, it is difficult to see a future for Tallies that isn’t bright. If you’re reading this and dream pop isn’t your thing, don’t shy away from a quick listen. Tallies may be a surprise to you and shouldn’t be lightly brushed over.

Release Date 11th January 2019 (Fear Of Missing Out Records)

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