Dana Gavanski will be releasing her third album, ‘Late Slap’, on 5 April 2024 via Full Time Hobby. The follow-up to 2022’s, ‘When It Comes’, a big favourite at Silent Radio, is produced by Mike Lindsay (Tuung, LUMP). The album utilises a Yamaha DX7 synth with the aim of conjuring an atmosphere of digital warmth that recalls the Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s meditative Keyboard Fantasies, Gavanski also cites the writings of Susan Sontag as a major influence on the record. She describes the album holding together “the seemingly disparate aspects of my character that I have sometimes tried to repress. With this album I’m letting them into the room, celebrating them for all their strangeness – a strangeness which I think we all, on some level, share.”

The first single from ‘Late Slap’, ‘How To Feel Uncomfortable’, offers, appropriately enough, a beguilingly strange preview of the album.

Gavanski – How To Feel Uncomfortable [Official Video] (youtube.com)