Goat Girl - On All Fours
Do you remember that really cool post-punk band Goat Girl? They released that quirky album a few years back that was littered with hidden gems like ‘The Man’ and ‘Country Sleaze’? If you don’t recall them it’s fine, because now they’ve delivered something that nobody will be forgetting any time soon.

Goat Girl are South London natives, originating from an area with talent teeming on every corner – from Shame to Squid the competition is fierce, but Goat Girl seem to be playing the humble role of unsung heroes. On All Fours is a testament to their integrity as musicians.

The album commences nonchalantly with a lingering passive-aggressiveness. It brings an anxious restlessness to the album, an insomniac vibe but with more colour. The band flirt with electronic grooves while entwining clanging guitar riffs with Lottie Pendlebury’s soothing vocals. Akin to a snake charmer, she seduces the listener into a hypnotic state through her controlling vocals. She is the leader; you are at her mercy.

A theme present on their debut album was a tendency to poke the bipolar bear, figuratively speaking. You never knew what to expect next – they could either bite your head off or lull you to sleep. This time around there’s a concrete sonic direction, no risks being taken. This perhaps can be interpreted as the band maturing and shaking the hand of professionalism.

Lyrically the album is witty and wise, something the band have exercised before. They are a group that truly capture the mood of a generation forced to grow up too fast, pressured by the slog of daily life and desperate for the assurance of a brighter future. A prime example being ‘Anxiety Feels’, this track is lo-fi for the fearful – the chorus “I find it hard sometimes” is a mantra for the youth struggling to make sense of our ambiguous world. Yet again Goat Girl have knocked at the door of teenage angst.

The members of Goat Girl can best be described as rebels with a cause, fighting for worthy political movements through artistic outputs. Their social media is brimming with politically charged content that you’ll either love or hate. A lot of bands pursue the political route and ultimately come across as virtue signallers (Coldplay, amongst many others) but with Goat Girl their natural authenticity makes you want to listen to what they say. Their debut was a cutthroat fuck you to the state of Britain, but now we see Goat Girl convey political messages more appealingly. On All Fours might be the best thing that could have happened to them.

It’s time to stop viewing them as new kids on the block with a big mouth, but a rational, serious band with something deserving to say. The album closes with ‘A-Men’. Envisage this track like a sleepless night out at sea, the sky is starry, the sea is dark and mysterious. Your stomach is queasy, your mind nostalgically regretful. Drifting into the unknown, anxiously hoping for pastures new – let Goat Girl take you to a mental place we’ve all visited.

On All Fours harbours a conscientious demeanour that we all need to endorse in 2021. The band are holding a mirror up to themselves but more importantly to the society in which we endure. Ricocheting off ideas and themes, Goat Girl have undoubtedly outdone themselves. Goat Girl are now the crème de la crème of South London.

Goat Girl – On All Fours: Out Now (Rough Trade)